The Reluctant Farmer | Valentine Special

Part 4 of my Irish Country Living series. After a winter of near hibernation on the farm, it is with great relief that the chief farmer welcomes Spring. Time does not sit easy in his hands and […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Know Your Numbers

Part Three of my Irish Country Living Series Like most farmers, my husband is somewhat reluctant to leave the farm. He will manage a day trip without too much persuasion but anything that requires an overnight […]

The Reluctant Farmer

Part Two of my Irish Country Living series. Until last summer I was what you might call a keen observer of our farm life. I took great interest in the stories our children came in with, […]

Welcome To Hushabye Farm| The Farmers Journal

Just before Christmas I was asked if I would like to come on board with the online publication of the Irish Country Living section of The Farmers Journal as a contributor. They asked me to write […]