Oreo and Strawberry Tart.

You know when you promise to bake something with the children, but then it turns out that you don’t have all the ingredients! Well this happened a few weeks ago and the most wonderful little […]

Cheese and Wild Garlic Pesto Scones

So last Sundays woodland walk yielded masses of wild garlic…which I turned into both wild garlic pesto and potato and wild garlic soup…both were delicious. I was looking for other ways to use up my […]

Love Your Cooksbooks| A Challenge and Future Linky

There are few things that I love more than looking through a new cookbook. I love the opening up of possibilities, imagining the dinner parties I will host, the delicious lunches I will prepare, the […]

Chorizo and Pesto Gnocchi Bake.

After a few days away last weekend, I returned to happy children, a clean house , laundry done and windows cleaned-thank you SO much Mum and Aunty Kathy, a pair of angels if ever their […]

Potato Boulangère with Rosemary

This is such an easy potato dish, it’s comforting, but not as indulgent as potato dauphinoise, and the best thing is that it doesn’t even require you to peel the potatoes. I use either roosters […]

Puy Lentil and Ham Hock Soup

This soup combines two of my favourite things…ham, of any type, and lentils. It is a filling hearty soup, perfect for this time of the year. Ham hock is a very inexpensive piece of meat, […]

Natures Bounty

I am far from a forager, I’m too lazy to scour the hedgerows for the ingredients for our table. I love the idea of it, but not always the reality. This year however it was […]