The Reluctant Farmer | The Birds and the Bees

My latest piece for Irish Country Living Here on the farm there are many things we take for granted when it come to our children. For instance, they readily accept that animals pass away, when you […]

The Reluctant Farmer| Give Me Five

My latest piece for The Farmers Journal. It is almost a given, a sort of farming version of Murphy’s Law, that as soon as I put something in the oven, the chief farmer will appear at […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Our Feathered Friends

The next instalment of my Irish Country Living series. “I hear your husbands good with exotic birds” Well this isn’t a comment that any wife expects to hear about their husband of nearly ten years. […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Know Your Numbers

Part Three of my Irish Country Living Series Like most farmers, my husband is somewhat reluctant to leave the farm. He will manage a day trip without too much persuasion but anything that requires an overnight […]

The Reluctant Farmer

Part Two of my Irish Country Living series. Until last summer I was what you might call a keen observer of our farm life. I took great interest in the stories our children came in with, […]

Welcome To Hushabye Farm| The Farmers Journal

Just before Christmas I was asked if I would like to come on board with the online publication of the Irish Country Living section of The Farmers Journal as a contributor. They asked me to write […]