Another Week on the Farm

This time of year things are quiet on the farm but as always there are jobs to do. Winter is almost over and preparation for Spring begins.

We sadly lost one of our beautiful Indian Runner Ducks this week, she fell victim to our puppy Clifford, while this kind of loss is part and parcel of farm life its is still upsetting, Clifford was in the dog house for some time after this episode!
On the other hand we have a clucking hen who is sitting on up to 12 eggs, if she hatches out even half of these it would be very exciting. The girls have a calender and are ticking off the days until hatching. There is great fun checking on her every day to ensure she has enough water and food as when hatching the hens rarely leave the coop.

We are “pig sitting” for a local man who rears free range pigs so there is also a daily visit to see how the pigs are getting on. We are so lucky to have a local supplier of free range pork, the taste difference is unreal when compared to intensively reared pigs, Fergus trades as “Pigs on the Green” so give them a try if you see their products on sale.

The most exciting news this week was that we have 2 new baby doves, we are so thrilled that the mother dove hatched them out. She had sat on some eggs last year but ended up breaking them so we were unsure how she would do this time. The little chicks are not as tiny as I expected…almost as big as hen chicks and are very cute, the picture doesn’t do them justice…they are under a lamp because the weather turned very cold the day they were born.
We also witnessed the mother eating and then regurgitating the food to feed to her chicks…this was new to us as had assumed that she would feed them by dropping food into their mouths like wild birds….that’s what I love about country life…there is always something to learn.

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