Just Do It!

The last few years have been very busy for us here at Hushabye Farm and I, in particular, have found it difficult to plan or stick to any projects, between being pregnant ( x4) or having small babies to look after and the never ending tiredness that goes with this I found that I seemed to be tied to the house more than I would have liked.
Our youngest is now 19 months and is a really hardy little man who loves being outside and so contemplating outdoor projects seems more doable than before and while the sleep situation isn’t perfect yet it is improving all the time so I have more energy than I’ve had for a very long time and I spend much of my day thinking of new things to tackle this year.
I’m not a great fan of New Years Eve and don’t often make New Years resolutions but this year I did and I made a decision that this year was going to be the year for just doing it…no more hiding behind excuses, no more not setting goals for fear of not achieving them, this year I was just going to go for it.
I made 6 resolutions and have completed 5 of them, one of which was starting this blog! Another was to get back running and to make sure I kept it up. I always thought I hadn’t enough time but now I just make the time, I bring my gear with me and run whenever and wherever I can, the upshot of this is that I now have even more energy.
We’re currently preparing out vegetable and herb garden and I’m so excited that we are finally doing this. My husband has always been the type of person who decides what he wants to do and just goes for, and I’ve always had huge admiration for his attitude, whereas I have always held back thinking of reasons it was not going to work or how I wouldn’t have time etc but I’m definitely changing and am so delighted about this.
So my advise to anyone is that if you want to do something then just go for it. In a busy world we never really have enough time for something new but try throwing it into the mix and you’d be surprised what you can do, it’s kind of  like when you have your first child and you love it with all your heart and you think that you will never be able to love another just so much but then when another comes along you find that your heart  just grows bigger, I’m finding that in spite of the craziness it’s as if my days have just grown bigger!

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