The First Five Minutes

Before you start reading this I’m holding my hand up to the fact that this is NOT what a good, kind or nice mummy says or thinks about her children but while I strive daily to be one of those super patient warm happy mummy’s, I end each day knowing that I’ve failed miserably!
I spend my days at work wondering how my kids are doing, what they are up to, have they eaten their dinner ( all the time concentrating very hard on the job I am doing!! ) and on the journey home I’m so looking forward to seeing them BUT when I come up the avenue and they run screaming at the car shouting ‘Mummy Mummy Mummy ‘ as though I haven’t seen them for a year and this is all before I’ve even gotten out of the car, on top of this the youngest is usually crying because he want to be cuddled while his sisters launch into every grievance that the have encountered through the day, meanwhile all I want to do is get in the door, get changed out of my work clothes into more kid proof attire and have the two minutes I need to do this.
It is during those first five minutes that I often want to turn and run back down the avenue as fast as I can, and yet when I do finally get in and changed and take the two minutes I need to switch into ‘Mummymode’ then everything feels right again and I can’t wait to hear all about their day.
I know a time will come, and come very shortly, when my return home from work will hardly warrant a teenage grunt, never mind a neck breaking hug, and I do try to remember this in those first five minutes and it makes me smile through the chaos so the kids don’t realise that inside my head there is a small little voice saying ‘ run….for the love of God ruuuuunnnnn!!’

2 thoughts on “The First Five Minutes”

  1. I'm not sure if this is consolation or will want to make you run faster but…. I've never had the teenage "grunts" here! I'm waiting for the day that my arrival won't even register in the house but it's yet to come! Four kids and 22 years later……:)
    Is it too late to take up running!?

  2. LOL Fiona….its never too late!! I really hope the teenage years are as kind to me as they have been to you, and I'm sure I'll read back on this post wistfully. But on busy days I'd love to turn down the chaos just a teeny tiny bit :0)

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