Dance like No One is Watching

My kids, like almost all children, love to dance. My eldest, newly turned 7, used to be quite shy, and while she loved to dance she would get embarrassed very easily if she thought people were watching. Our youngest hands me my phone every morning and says ‘music’ and as soon as I put  it on, we both start dancing. Dancing with a two year old is great, it is the very best start to the day and it’s impossible not to laugh. The best thing is that he couldn’t care less how I dance, in fact the more ridiculous the dancing the happier he is and although it’s often just the two of us up first, if the others are up, then they will join on too. The best thing about our morning dance session is that when the girls see that I will dance, regardless of who is watching, then they will do the same. So much so that a song came on in the shopping center the other day and my previously shy 7 year old danced with sheer abandon, something that really delighted me.
My new promise is that every morning, even if its for just five minutes, I will dance, with my children, as if no one is watching.
Try it…it is the very best way to start your day.

Disclaimer: I have no sense of rhythm and am fully aware that my dancing is awful, if you do decide to follow my advise I cannot be responsible for the funny looks that your other half/neighbours/older children may give you😊

4 thoughts on “Dance like No One is Watching”

  1. Love it! We sometimes do this too, it gets everyone is a good mood and giggling… although kids try to stop hubby and I now as we are SO EMBARRASSING ;0) Must take your lead and make it a daily occurrence!

    1. Thank you Naomi, I'm sure it wont be long till I'm mortifying them with my dancing, I still get slightly embarrassed when I see my Mum dancing, as for my Dad………aaaagh!!

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