A GNO with a Difference

Last night after work I took my girls out for dinner, this was a BIG deal for us as the children rarely get to go to restaurants, because up till now there has always been a smallie who is likely to break/spill/cry/scream/ruin the evening. There still is, so this was a covert mission because the terrible two year old was being left at home with Daddy, and in order not to upset him by arriving home from work only to leave two minutes later with his sisters, the girls ran down to the gate, in the dark, to meet me. This all added to the excitement and my 5 year old informed me that, due to the absence of the male family members, we were on a GNO, girls night out!! I really don’t want to know where she picked up this piece of information!

It was lovely to be able to sit in a restaurant with them and not be in a state of high alert that at any moment the wheels would come off the wagon. When the waitress asked if they would like dessert they couldn’t believe that they were being allowed the luxury of lingering over a bowl of ice cream instead of being hurried out with mutterings of ‘phew, we didn’t do too much damage’.
It was a lovely evening, even with the 4 trips to the toilet, and them singing 2 Christmas songs, very loudly, while waiting for their food. 
The highlight was them thanking me, unprompted, for ‘the best evening EVER’ when we were leaving. We’ll definitely be repeating our GNO, and maybe when the terrible twos pass, we’ll let the boys join in.

2 thoughts on “A GNO with a Difference”

    1. For sure, it was so nice. The girls even tried and like my calamari which I don't think would have happened at home, I hope it will be nice way for them to try different foods too.

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