Supermom Gone Wrong!

This evening was not a good evening.
On my way home from work I mentally donned my Supermom outfit, you know the one that has a ready and happy smile for the children regardless of how busy your day has been, the one that allows you to sit and listen to how your children’s day was without ever giving away the fact that you have a million jobs to do before you can actually finish for the evening, well today it didn’t seem to be working.
I arrived in to hear a series of petty complaints from the childminder, she’s new and not used to having all four of them for the whole day.
While I’m feigning concern ( while actually thinking that I don’t actually care as these were issue that needed to be dealt with on the spot not 5 hours later!) the two youngest are bouncing up and down, like Duracell bunnies, looking for attention and asking for treats, they think that yesterdays indulgence is going to be an everyday occurrence!
It just went downhill from here.
The five year old couldn’t find her favourite nightdress and was crying and the only compromise she would make was to wear the nightdress that the 3 year old was wearing, the three year old was having none of it….cue mass crying and whinging from both parties.
The 2 year old meanwhile had found a stash of last nights sweets which I had to wrestle off him which led to him headbutting me in the face during the struggle so now I joined the whinging posse.
I’d had enough.
I shouted…they cried.
They shouted…I cried
I cried some more which made them cry some more.
I looked at my Supermom outfit and there were holes everywhere in it, through the hole came the shouting, every time I tried to fix one hole something else happened to cause another.
Everyone went to bed miserable.
I’m sitting here trying to mend my Supermom outfit, I know I can, and tomorrow will be better but I guess my Supermom outfit isn’t as strong as I thought!

6 thoughts on “Supermom Gone Wrong!”

  1. Now that's real life. Spending the day wishing that I was home with the kids, getting home and wishing they were asleep.
    Well done on posting this snippet of real life. Know this- you are not alone, and my supermom outfit is, eh, in the wash. Or it might be, it's definitely not folded and in it's place though! You're doing great, survival and hugs are the order of the day:)

  2. ..and for us who are at home all day, our super on outfits have been forcibly removed from us!!! Those days are crap, hoping things are improving dramatically!!

    1. I have huge admiration for anyone who stays at home full time, infinite patience required. All was forgiven this morning so all well in the world for another while.

  3. What a fantastic analogy! Love it. My supermom outfit is shredded on a daily basis. I find a hot chocolate with TONNES of marshmallows goes a long way to sewing it back together. Which reminds me. I must go and heat up some milk…………

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