At The Heart of Christmas

I love Christmas, I love the chaos, the excitement, the busy streets and shops, and the anticipation. 

I love seeing the house decorated, all festive and fun, ready for the big day.
The only thing that I don’t like is the ‘stuff’, you know the things I mean, the pointless, last minute, you don’t need it but buy it anyway stuff. 
For me Christmas should be about kindness, about taking the time to spend together and not about unwrapping pointless gifts that you neither need nor want. I have reached a point in my life where everything I want for Christmas will be there, sitting around our dinner table ( or on the table in the case of one small boy!!) and this year my husband and I have opted to not get each other gifts because what we have is the only gift we want this and any other year.
We’ve had a great build up to Christmas, Paul and the kids put up the tree on a weekend when I was away and it was a lovely ‘surprise’ when I came home…the 4 yr old had told me at least 3 times on the phone but I still had to act surprised!

They also made a brilliant wreath using a hoola hoop as a base


Charlotte and I made a bowl of cloved oranges for the hall so you get the lovely Christmas smell when you come in (and automatically think of having a hot Port!!)
And of course pride of place goes to our beautiful crib which my husband made a few yrs ago and which we all go and find fresh moss to decorate each December

For me it is all of these that make Christmas, yes, watching the children open their gifts on Christmas morning will be great, but that is not the heart of Christmas, it is people and love and kindness and laughter that make Christmas and none of that can be wrapped and put under a tree.
Wishing you all a very happy, joyful Christmas xxx

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    1. Awww, thank you Yvonne, and many happy returns. Looking forward to a year of great Hey Pesto demos, wishing you every happiness and success for 2014 x

  1. Just beautiful, I love seeing how other people celebrate in their homes! The warmest of blessings for a peaceful, joyful Christmas 🙂

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