Fifteens….Edible Gifts

There is something so nice about both giving and receiving edible gifts, especially at Christmas, it’s a lovely token of kindness but doesn’t have to cost very much at all.

This year one of the gifts I’ll be giving is these aptly named 15’s.
They look like they are going to be very sweet but they are surprising light, and personally I love the pretty look of them.

15 Digestive Biscuits
15 Marshmallows ( or about 35/40 mini ones)
15 Cherries
1 tin of Condensed Milk
Desiccated Coconut
Crumb the biscuits
Chop and add the marshmallows and cherries ( no need to chop the mini marshmallows )
Pour in the condensed milk and mix.
Shake a good amount of coconut onto a large piece of parchment paper and roll into a sausage shape, adding more coconut as required to prevent sticking.
Chill in the fridge to allow it to firm up.
Cut into slices.
I will be placing these in cellophane bags to give to neighbours and teachers and tying them with this gorgeous ribbon that I pick up a while back.

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