This time last year I wrote a list of resolutions and kept the list on my phone. I hadn’t really made New Year Resolutions for a long time but as we were slowly emerging from the fog of small babies I really want to set a few challenges for myself and I thought this was the best way to achieve them. One of my main resolutions was to start this blog and without a shadow of a doubt it is the best thing I have done, for me, in the last year. I was worried that I wouldn’t stick to it, that I would begin with great enthusiasm and then give up ( I have some form in this department!!) so a year on I am thrilled to still be here and it had introduced me to a whole new world of ideas and people and in particular the fellow bloggers from Irish Parenting Bloggers , I have bucket loads to learn but am really enjoying it.

One of my other resolutions was to start running properly and consistently which I did, and really enjoyed. I completed a 10 k run and true to form, once this was achieved I began to run less and less, I still enjoy running but need to regain some focus on it!
‘More Adventure less Routine’ was greatly helped by the amazing weather we had this year, it’s very easy to abandon the house and routine and head to the beach/mountains/park when the sun is splitting the stones.
The ones I didn’t succeed as well at were the ‘Shout less, talk more’ with the kids, I still lose my temper too frequently and still shout way more than I should…definitely working harder on this in the New Year ( at least I have good intentions!!)
The other one that I have a lot of work to do on is learning to see past the mess and see the fun the children are having…there is ALOT of work required on this.
I haven’t fully thought out my resolutions for this year but I will keep a note of them again and use it as a reference to keep me motivated, I have a farm project that I’ve been working on and I need to get the last stage of production sorted on it so getting it off the ground will be a big priority for me, and continuing on my Just Do It theme from earlier in the year.
What resolutions did you make/break or keep from last year?
I’d love to hear how everyone else did.

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