Dear Cot

Dear Cot,

It is with a pinch of sorrow that I have to tell you that the day has finally come, I could use the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ line but I’m afraid in this case it most definitely is you.
For 7 long years we have travelled this road together, you have cosseted our most precious gifts and for that we are truly grateful.
It hasn’t always been an easy. 
There was the night I listened to Gina Fords advise and tried to let Charlotte cry it out, I still haven’t forgiven my self for that!
There were the countless nights of lost soothers, high temperatures, midnight vomiting, unprovoked 2 hourly waking and unwarranted meltdowns at the mere sight of you!
I have sat beside you with tears of utter joy in my eyes, gazing lovingly at my precious babies.
I have sat with tears of worry streaming down my face, wondering if Emily will ever manage to sleep with her cumbersome cast when she was being treated for hip dysplasia.
And many, many nights I have sat, stifling screams of frustration wondering why, although they looked like they were asleep, and they sounded like they were asleep, yet when I tried to leave your side it turned out that they were NOT in fact asleep!!!
You have been pink, you have been blue, you have seen babies that snuggled down to sleep the moment they were put in, you have seen toddlers that despite their tiny anatomy could leap out of you in the blink of an eye.
You have moved house, you have moved rooms, you were even stationed in a wardrobe for a long time ( walk in with plenty of ventilation I hasten to add!!).
But now it seems our journey has ended…the smallest man is in a big bed, and while he looks so tiny in it, there is no going back now.
So what does you future hold, will you be gifted to a sibling, a cousin or friend in need of a cot, or perhaps a charity shop, or maybe we will take you apart and keep you until our grandchildren appear.
I ask just one thing of you…..if you do go on to hold our grandchildren please promise me this, that you will ensure you wake those babies with mind numbing frequency so that our precious darling children can have a taste of real parenthood too.
Kind regards and ever gratefully yours. 

5 thoughts on “Dear Cot”

  1. Oh! I love this! In my minds eye I was seeing our own cot as I read. I reckon we are months away from bidding ours goodbye too! Mister Husband has a client whose youngest child is a teenager and the cot is still in their bedroom. It houses laundry but his wife refuses to take it down!

    1. Thank you Gwen, it's a little sad but I'm happy to be moving to the next phase in our family. When the changing station goes then I will truly feel that we have left the baby stage behind…I don't see that happening for another few months though!

  2. This is such a lovely post Lil xxx i can just picture you in all of those scenarios……….and now Noah is free….god help us all 🙂

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