The Fear

Recently life has been getting a little easier here on Hushabye Farm, after seven years of almost continual broken sleep, we are now going to bed reasonably confident of a full nights sleep. We do have some night creepers sneaking in for a middle of the night snuggle but nothing that requires us to be fully awake and no floor walking needed.

With this change came a lifting of ‘The Fear’, you know that feeling when you stay up a little later, or heaven forbid have a few drinks, and you just know that you will pay for it the next day. And while I can I seem to manage fine on just a few hours sleep once I’m in a routine of it, I find when I’m back having a few full nights sleep it is then that the night of unbroken sleep really gets to me.
My husband and I have gotten very used to going to bed early which we found was key to coping with the situation and we almost went into panic mode if we were heading up to bed after 10 o clock!! 
The occasional nights out together inevitably meant that someone suffered the next day.
But recently The Fear has been lifting, we feel like bold teenagers staying up later and the joy off sitting and chatting till the wee hours ( that’s about 12 in this ‘rock and roll house!) is still such a novelty and will take a long time to wear off.
The Fear made a temporary return this week when the combination of a small boy, a big toe and an even bigger door led to a horribly painful, infected toe, causing alot of crying and very high temperatures. It was a timely reminder that this new freedom from night calls is a fragile situation and there will be lots of these reminders over the coming months and even years, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I can see that things can and will continue to improve and I fully intend to enjoy every second of it.

2 thoughts on “The Fear”

  1. Oh, I remember those disturbed nights of sleep only too well! Enjoy the new found freedom. Before you know it you might even get some lie-ins!

  2. Oh we live in hope!! Older kids often sleep till 8 or so which feels like a sleep in but little boy always awake at 7….we'll get there no doubt😊

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