10 Random Things I’ve Learned Through Motherhood

Today I’m linking up with the lovely Learner Mama to share with you 10 random things I’ve learned through motherhood. At times I think I could write more about what I’ve forgotten than what I’ve learned because a combination of ‘baby brain’ and the constant busyness means I seem to forget almost everything!!

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Anyhooows on with my list 
•’Sleeping like a baby’ is an oxymoron, in my experience babies sleep VERY little and VERY lightly!
•Babies and toddlers have complete control of their bowel movements, they use this control to ensure they need a nappy change at the very moment you need to leave the house.
•Good habits take years of reinforcing, bad habits are ingrained in one day!
•Playdoh is evil…end of.
•Toddlers can run REALLY fast, there should be some sort of Olympics for them…mine often seem to break the 4 minute mile.
•Even your very worst day can be turned into a great day with an all encompassing snuggle from your children.

*Soothers were the best invention EVER.

•While it may seem like a good idea to use the correct names for various body parts, having your 4 year old tell you, VERY loudly, at the school gate, in front of all the other parents, and the teacher, that her brother ‘boxed her in the vagina’ is embarrassing on soooooo many levels……trust me on this and stick with ‘twinkle’ and ‘winky’
•Children have unlimited ability for imaginative play, us adult slowly chip away at this by smothering it in toys and gadgets.
•Children defy science because they can can actually make your heart bigger, having more children does not mean you divide your love into smaller parts, it means that your heart grows bigger to accommodate more love ( see you thought the those ‘mummy tummies’ were caused by copious amounts of coffee and cake but they are as a result of all your organs moving around to allow for your ever expanding heart). You will be both overwhelmed and terrified by the strength of the love you will have for your children.
These are just a snapshot if the things I have learned, everyday it is a joy and privilage to learn something new from the small rulers of my world. Xxx

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