Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet, are we there yet and REPEAT…the whine that accompanies most long journeys but for once it isn’t the children uttering this incessant whine…it’s me!!

The ‘journey’ that’s causing such mind numbing repetition is the interminable school year, will it EVER end???
We are on the home stretch and the wheels are coming off the wagon. The school bags have holes in them, Charlottes school shoes fell apart last week so its anything goes in the footwear department at the minute. Not one but two school cardigans have disappeared and to be honest I no longer care…I just want it to end. I’ve lost the will to make lunches, organise uniforms and do homework. Bedtime seems to have got later and later as we all make the most of the beautiful evenings, which result in me having to wake some very sleepy heads in the morning (something I NEVER thought I’d say in this house of early risers) and I can’t wait to let them lie on in the mornings.
So three more days left, we’ll just about struggle over the line, I may not be saying this in a few weeks time but for now I’m saying 
Woohoo  for school holidays….we can’t wait!!!

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