Holidaying with Children

If there is one thing that children will teach you, especially younger ones, is that if you change their routine they will make you pay!!!

This doesn’t bode well for holidaying with them where it is all about change…if you need proof have a read about the first week of our staycation last year where my then 2 year old morphed into Damien from The Omen!!
However the second part of our holiday went great and there were ALOT of lessons learned…as we prepare for this years trip to the beautiful West Waterford I will share some if these lessons with you. I want to thank the fabulous Patricia from Colorines Wonderful for starting this Linky…please have a read of the other ( probably much more useful!) advise given as part of this Linky by clicking here

Tip 1: Lower your expectations…now lower them again…now you have it. It will be a holiday but just not like any you had previously. If your optimistic bring one book to read but no more as there will be no lolling on loungers relaxing on this ‘holiday’ ( I use the term loosely )
Tip 2: Change your definition of the word ‘holiday’…just bin any previous ideas, from now on it means a change in location and slightly less housework…on the upside it is a chance for you to help create amazing memories for your children (no pressure then!)
Tip 3: If you plan to go to a beach that has no ‘facilities’, and have toilet trained children, then be prepared for numerous trips to a nearby field equipped with toilet roll and nappy bags…alternatively you can bring a potty and set up a secluded ‘toilet’ somewhere on the beach.
Tip 4: The sea air make children ravenous…bring LOADS of snacks.
Tip 5: This is not the time to worry about their intake of veg, between the cocktail sausages( essential part of our morning picnic) and the evening BBQs I feared our children were in danger of scurvy last summer….up the fruit in the picnic basket to offset the guilt!
Tip 6: For smaller children, with whom you have worked hard to establish a bedtime routine, just FORGET the routine, it will not work…hope instead that the sea air, and the meat overload ( see Tip 5) will cause them to collapse into sleep on the couch sometime within 2 hours of their normal bedtime.
Tip 6: Bring alcohol…lots of it! While not encouraging anyone to attempt to face a day with children while nursing a hangover ( now there is a form of torture!) but one or two drinks after bedtime is enough to remind you that, despite the exhaustion, you are in fact ‘on holidays’
Tip 7: Take comfort in the fact that although you may not be having the most relaxing time of your life, your children are creating memories that will stay with them for life…help them make THE BEST one you can. Yes they will eat too much ice cream, forget what a bedtime routine is, may suffer ‘meat sweats’, have more sand in their hair than you thought possible but if you spend a day building a sandcastle, burying them in a ginormous hole, run laughing into the freezing water with them…they will remember that as THE BEST DAY EVER.
So enjoy and make memories that last a lifetime. X

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