"Date Night" Rage!!

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I was born in the 70’s…right smack bang in the middle, so my ‘nightclub’ days began in the very early 90’s…only we didn’t call them nightclubs, we called them ‘discos’, and they were great.

It was all so straightforward back then, you went to a disco, the ‘slow set’ came on, a guy asked you to dance ( you hoped) if you liked him you said yes…and ninety percent of the time you ‘shifted’ him during the slow set. Now there is a word you don’t hear anymore…it’s all Americanised now…people ‘snog’ or ‘make out’ or simply use the word ‘kiss’ but back then we ‘shifted’. There was only one chat up line needed ‘do you want to dance’…all fairly simple and if you shifted at the disco two weeks in a row then you were going out, and you stayed going out until one or other of you ‘broke it off’.
Fast forward 20 years and 4 children later and every bit of ‘expert’ advise I see on how to ‘Baby Proof Your Marriage’, every parenting magazine which obsess on ‘keeping the romance alive after children’ keep peddling the same thing….have a regular ‘date night’ with your husband.
I didn’t ‘date’ my husband when he wasn’t even my husband…I, like most of my contemporaries have never been on a ‘date’…why in the name of God would I want to start ‘dating’ my husband now.
 Why can’t we just have a night out together, as often as is manageable and just have some ‘adult time’, why does it have to be dressed up as something it’s not…it is going for dinner/a drink/ a walk/ the cinema with your husband/wife/partner. Very few things fill me with as much rage as seeing Facebook Status updates of people, who have been together years, proclaiming the are on a ‘date night’ with their significant other. By all means go out, have a ball, have a few drinks, or have a shift in the back of the cinema if you feel inclined…but please remember it is a NIGHT OUT not a DATE!
Rant Over

6 thoughts on “"Date Night" Rage!!”

  1. Ah thems were the days, of discos and shifting 😉 I love hearing what bugs other people, this is a great one. I may have to join you on your side of the fence!!

  2. Oh I'm with you on this one! Date night my arse as Jim Royle would say! I never 'dated' either. Hate all this Americanisation that's creeping in everywhere – I can feel a rant of my own coming on!

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