You are Three

This time 3 years ago we didn’t know your name
We didn’t know your face
We didn’t know your gorgeous smile
Your contagious laugh
Your mischievous grin
Your never-ending ability for destruction!!

Three years ago tomorrow your arrived into our world, our gorgeous blond haired, blue eyed boy and you have stolen the hearts of everyone you have met ever since.
You are loved and beloved.
You are adorable and adored.
Your sisters fight, everyday, over who gets to snuggle you the most, who gets to sit beside you, who gets the most kisses from you.
You have been like a tornado in our home, you leave a path of destruction behind you but you are like a tornado in my heart also, filling it with love, to bursting point, and breaking it in equal measure!!

When you climb into our bed in the morning, and curl your sleep drenched, warm little body into me, when you rub my face with your perfect little hands, when your give me butterfly kisses and tell me ‘I love you Mama’ I know that I am truly blessed.

Tomorrow you are 3

Happy Birthday My Little Man xx

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