Keepie Uppie

We have been a ‘man down’ for the last few weeks.

My husband hurt his back and it’s getting progressively worse.
He hurt it in a ‘can’t even put his socks on’ kind of way…which means he can do nothing either in the house or on the farm.
Although we have no family nearby, we are blessed with great neighbours and friends. The kind that you know you can call on for anything, and they have helped out in lots of ways. However life and parenting doesn’t stop just because someone is out of action. Children still need to be fed and minded,homework and housework still needs to be done, animals need to be fed, watered and taken care of, lawns need to be mowed, fencing needs to be done, the list is endless. 
It is hard to keep it all going, waiting until your partner in crime is back on his feet, not wanting to let anything slip on your watch.
At the moment life seems less like a rollercoaster and more like a lonely, exhausting game of keepie uppie.
I hope he is better soon….

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