'Twas the Days After Christmas

‘Twas the days after Christmas and all through the house

Everybody was twitching
Yes, even the mouse.
The sugar was coursing, 
like crack though each vain,
Driving both parents 
and children insane.
The toys were all ‘boring’
The turkey’s now ‘yuck’
The youngest kept beating
 each sibling with his truck.
The wine rack was filled 
Past the point of what’s right
But at least after bed time
We’d have a good night.
And yet we will look back
And think..sur ’twas grand
But it could only just seem so
With a drink in each hand.
We will look forward next year
With no thought for the past
We will still seek perfection
And yet know it won’t last
And yet we are all here
Together and well
And that what’s important 
And makes my heart swell.
It’s busy, it’s crazy
It’s over the top
But once we’re all here together 
I hope it won’t stop.
So happy Christmas to all of you 
And a happy New Year
And please spend it with people 
That you hold especially dear❤️

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