My Bed

Is there anywhere nicer than being in your bed.

When the wind is howling and there’s a book to be read.
I’m snuggled in tight 
and staying here for the night.
The problem with my bed, 
is my children you see,
They seem to love my bed
Almost as much as me.
They each have their own 
But they do like to moan 
And I’d say they’ll be in my bed
Until their all fully grown!
But what else would you do
I mean, if it were you?
In a bed with six people
Where there just should be two.
If there’s a bump in the night
Mama needs to say ‘it’s alright’
Hop in and we’ll cuddle 
Until morning is bright
Imagine them worried 
and sad in their bed,
When they could be happy 
In my bed instead.
So, like the best things in life, 
Beds are better when shared.
There is always some room
And no need to be scared.
So I’ll wrap you up tight
And love with all of my might
And be grateful for this little comfort
I can give you tonight.
It’s my bed, it’s our bed
But it’s your bed as well
And you’re welcome whenever 
There’s a worry to tell.

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