On Communions Eve | Because You Are Eight

So tomorrow you will have your day, the day you decided that you wanted to be part of. 

We did not chose it, instead we allowed you to decide and you came up with the perfect reason to be allowed to make your communion. A reason that gave no mention to the dress, the fuss, the drama. 

A reason that meant we had no choice, because you had thought about it and realised that sometimes it is important to be part of something bigger.

And so tomorrow you will have your way and make your communion, and we could not be prouder.
There are things your friends may have, and you will not, but that’s ok.
Right now, you are happiest in wellies and helping Dad out on the farm. 
Right now, you will happily go all day, and all week if you could, without brushing your hair.
Right now,you pay no heed to your appearance and that exactly how it should be, because you are only eight.

So,for tomorrow there was no trip to the beauty salon to get your nails done…because you are eight.
There will be no trip to the hairdresser to get your hair done…because you are eight.
There was no big day out to choose your dress, I chose it for you, because you are only eight.
There will be a window in time when those things become important to you, as they once did for me, but not now, and not for many years…because you are eight.
And when that time comes, to chose a different dress, for a different kind of big day, then we will indulge in the fuss, the hair appointments, the nail salon and we will enjoy every moment. But that day is not tomorrow…because you are only eight.
So enjoy your day my firstborn, the sweetest girl I have ever known. You are so loved, so good, so patient and so kind. 
Tomorrow everyone will tell you that you look beautiful, but we know that you are beautiful, from the inside out, and no decorating, no grown up nonsense is required.
Enjoy every moment and know that we could not be prouder.

12 thoughts on “On Communions Eve | Because You Are Eight”

  1. Just lovely. My daughter is making her communion tomorrow too. She is thrilled telling everyone she is wearing our neighbours old dress without guile because she is eight. Enjoy the day for all it should be!

    1. Thank you. That is so lovely about your daughter, it's so wasteful that dresses aren't borrowed anymore, all ours were when we were young. Enjoy your day x

  2. Aww something in my eye after reading this! My twin daughters made their Communion a couple of weeks ago & we did exactly the same. I got everything in last years sales & they were thrilled their Nan knit their cardi's & handbags. Hope you all had a wonderful day!

  3. Oh Elizabeth how true. This day is many things for her but not a mini-wedding. I totally agree with you on how we raise strong girls and am happy to believe that the girls who grow up without some things are really growing up with so many more.

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