The Holiday Edition | Before The Chaos

I am like an overexcited child in a sweet shop, the grown up in me is saying ‘calm the hell down’ but right now I can’t help it.
We are off to one of my favourite places on holidays tomorrow, no, it’s not some far flung exotic destination, it’s the beautiful West Waterford and when the sun shines there is no where nicer than our gorgeous island.

And there’s the rub, the sunshine, which has been sadly lacking in the last number of months. Without sunshine this holiday, with 7 children aged 10 and under will be an absolute nightmare!
And despite knowing this, and despite continuously checking and rechecking Accuweather online, I am a bubbling cauldron of excitement. 
In order to reign it in somewhat I’ve decided to list some of the things that I can expect over the next 10 days.
• There will be noise, a lot of noise, when the number of children almost doubles, the noise level quaduples…Fact!
• There will be laughing and playing and fighting and tears. I’m just hopeful the former out-weighs the latter.
• The bigger children will form a ‘club’ that the smaller ones can’t be in, after much begging they will be allowed in, but only as ‘servants’…cruel but true.
• If the children are told they have 15 more minutes of play they will beg for 30, this will drive me mental and I will most likely shout.
• I will shout…see above.
• There will always be one child who won’t sleep-in, and will therefore ruin everyone else’s chance of sleeping-in.
• My sister and I will look at each other and wonder why do we do this to ourselves, then will see the bond between cousins growing stronger than friendship and remember why we are there.
• There will be wine, or gin, or most probably both. We will make noises about it being only one glass…in reality it will always be more.
• We will arrive home wrecked but the kids will declare it the best holiday ever.
• After a few days we will look through our photos and forget the chaos of 7 very loud children under one roof and start discussing dates for next years holiday.
And yes, after writing all this, I’m still excited. The optimist in me refuses to give up. So countdown is on, packing needs doing and there is a sun dance that needs to be performed to ensure we have good weather for the next 10 days.
Holidays 2015…bring it on😊

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