The Best is Yet To Be

‘Grow old with me,
The best is yet to be’
This was the theme of our wedding, it’s engraved on our wedding rings and I love the simplicity of it, the promise it holds.
And more and more I find it is the theme of parenting.
Yes, I adored my newborn babies, their smell, their tiny hands and feet, their helplessness.
The toddler stage is mad, chaotic, fraught and so much fun. Watching the little person you created blossoming, showing their personality, figuring out the world.
To passing strangers, these are the interesting times, when you can’t stand in a queue without someone cooing at your baby, without someone engaging with your toddler. 
And yet, these are some of the loneliest times too. You are too sleep deprived to see the cuteness, you are too hassled by the tantrum throwing toddler to ‘enjoy every moment’, as people keep telling you to.
The early years can often be a game of survival, just trying to get through each day, each bedtime and holding tight to those gorgeous, but sometimes infrequent, moments that pull us through the lows.
But hang in there, because there is light at the end of the tunnel.
 It can be sad to say goodbye to the baby stage, the hilarious toddler stage but the next phase is even better. 
I look, in particular, at my almost nine year old and seven year old. I see two extreamly different, but equally fabulous girls. I love spending time with them.
I love hearing their stories, I love sharing my world with them. They are wonderful company, the make me laugh till I’m sore and they are a pleasure to be around.
We don’t get the ‘aren’t they gorgeous’ comments we once did when they were small, but we don’t need them. We have come out the other side of the busy baby stage and I am loving every minute with my family of not so big, but not so small children.
So if you are struggling with your little one, if you are worried that parenting is always exhausting, if you are scared that you aren’t enjoying every moment, hang in there because the best is yet to come.

2 thoughts on “The Best is Yet To Be”

  1. Lovely post and so reassuring to read as a mother of a very energetic and independent 2 year old. Some days are hard, really hard and yes those moments where they are great are a bit less than what they used but I can see him figuring things out by himself and learning the ways of our world, becoming a confident and very chatty little guy 🙂

    1. Thanks Louise, it is so fabulous to see their personalities develop. Every stage has such great ( and not so great) bits. Xx

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