Things I Say to the Boy

It’s probably wrong to generalise. I’m quite sure there are many, many civilised boys out there, infact I’ve met quite a few of them, it’s just the word ‘civilised’ couldn’t be used for the one living in my house! The following are my (sadly) oft repeated phrases.

•Get off your sister
•Stop shouting
•Where are you going with that knife
•Is that poo
• Did you wash your hands ( why do I ask…he has NEVER washed his hands!) 
• No, we can’t play ‘mercy’
• Take your hands out of your pants.
• Put down that knife 
• That hurt
• Is that chocolate or poo?
• I didn’t hear the toilet flush ( strangely, because the toilet hasn’t been flushed!!)
• Yes of course I’d love a snuggle ( but only if you’ve washed your hands) 
• No, mummy doesn’t have a winky.
• Where is my phone!!!
• Say sorry
Please tell me I’m not alone??
I’d love to hear your ‘boy’ stories.

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