A Night Away and the Things You Can Do

Ok, I should start this post by saying that technically all of the following can be done at home, it’s just that with children around the chances of doing them are pretty much non existent.
• Afternoon nap…sweet devine, there is possibly nothing nicer than an afternoon nap. You could of course have one at home but despite your best efforts you’d end up thinking of all the jobs that need doing and you wouldn’t sleep a wink.
• Swim…now I don’t mean the 50 laps of the pool kind, I mean the lazying in the thermal pool kind of swimming, with no small people using you as a climbing frame/diving platform. The joy of being in the water and not being poked in the eye by the hideously sharp corner of an arm band is not to be underestimated.
• Lounge by the aforementioned pool without being interrupted. Even the word ‘lounge’ seems like a distant friend, one I haven’t seen since my first trip to the maternity ward!
My lounging what somewhat spoiled by the arrival of Miss Teeny Bikini…you know the type, they arrive with what can only be described as tiny triangles of material, precariously held together with some dental floss, displaying a body that is unsullied by either carbs or pregnancy, causing most of the men present to start prancing and flexing the ghosts of muscles-past. I’m not sure where she thought she was but in the wilds of Wicklow, with storm Desmond doing his damndest her outfit was ill-considered. 
Bitter…me? Nah
•Dance in the Rain. Okay, so not quite dancing but sitting in an outdoor tub, with the wind howling and the rain lashing is one of the most fantastic things I’ve done this year. 
I ‘may’ have tripped getting into it, which elicited much laughter from himself, but thankfully it was dark and no one saw, well except himself, and he hasn’t stopped reminding since.
• Laugh. Now granted, you can laugh anywhere ( see above) but somehow the funny things seem funnier when you’re away from home, this is also helped by some afternoon alcohol, again not something we tend to do at home. 
•Eat amazing food, that I don’t have to cook, or clean up after, a definite win win.
•Not Give a Sh#*e. Even when the chambermaid dropped something outside the room and your initial reaction is to march out into the hall and demand to know who did it, the expression ‘we’re going to stand here for as long as it takes until someone owns up’ is on the tip of your tongue, but hey, it’s someone else’s problem to sort out, so turn over and go back to snoozing…bliss.
•Sleep, uninterrupted, glorious sleep. I mean seriously, there is few things in this world more gorgeous than an uninterrupted nights sleep.
Ahhhh…a night away, what’s seldom is wonderful.

2 thoughts on “A Night Away and the Things You Can Do”

  1. Yep. Well, we didn't have a hot tub and we didn't use the pool and we forgot about having a nap and we only arrived at 4pm BUT we read books in the bar and drank gin and tonic and nobody interrupted us except to ask if we'd like more drinks and it was exquisite!

    1. It's the little things, mainly the lack of interruption that make it worth it! My New Years resolution is to attempt to escape more often!

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