Bathroom Tales

On average it takes me 9 minutes to have a shower.
It’s not a huge amount of time but you’d be surprised the amount of things that can go on in that short space of time.
This is a typical morning shower for me…
‘I’ll hop in the shower now, before the children get up’
6 seconds after getting in shower, two faces appear at the glass, one girl is whining that her brother woke her up.
‘Jump into my bed and lie down for a few minutes until I’m finished’ I say
1 minute later…a cross face at the glass
‘He keeps pulling down his pants and showing me his butt’ comes the complaint.
‘Try to ignore him, I’ll be finished in a minute’
‘It’s hard to ignore a bare butt in your face’ she rightly points out
Small boy appears at the glass, crying.
‘She said I’m gross, I’m not gross, I’m just funny’
‘You are funny pet’
‘No he’s not’ comes a voice from the bed, more crying from the small boy.
‘Just let me finish here and I’ll sort it out, just lie quietly in bed’ I almost beg.
2 peaceful minutes follow, mini bliss!
‘Muuuuuuuuum’ comes the shout from the bed, ‘he’s playing with your make up, it’s everywhere’
AAAAAAAAGH!!! There goes my resolve not to shout today!
So one quick shower with numerous interruptions is more about basic hygiene than any sort of ‘lady-care’ as was pointed out by aforementioned small boy on a recent trip to the cinema. 
A rain Sunday afternoon kids movie meant the cinema was full, an ad I wasn’t paying attention to is playing and my small ‘beauty adviser’ decides to tell me in his LOUDEST voice.
‘Mum you DEFINITELY have to get that, it makes your legs all smooth and you really need it’
I look up to see a perfectly beautiful woman shaving her tanned toned legs, while I simultaneously sink further down in my seat and try to ignore the giggling from the the other parents around me.
‘Cheers son’

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