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‘We must meet for a coffee and a catch up’ I say and look forward to the prospect.

Then there is a slow dawning as I realise that I’ve been saying this quite a bit recently and it just hasn’t been happening.

Friends that I dearly want to see, suddenly seem so far away, so out of reach, because life has taken over and somehow the busyness of life is stopping me from living.

Those moments that revive you, the easy conversations with close friends and old friends are missing and I want them back.

In so many ways life with bigger children can be easier, but with this stage comes a whole new type of busyness, one where the time that was once stolen by nappy changing and feeding is now being consumed by ferrying children to and from activities.

A few short years ago I would dismissively eye-roll when I heard the word ‘mom-taxi’, smug in my assumption that you made that rod for your own back and therefore you could avoid this pitfall. The smugness has been truly been wiped from my face with four children all having different interests and a determined belief that they should each get their chance to do what they seem to love.

So mom-taxi I’ve become and the price I’m paying is time. I sometimes feel that we are hurtling through the weeks, with only a wing and prayer to guide us to the following weekend, where a small window awaits to allow us to catch our breath before we are consumed again by the busyness of life.

I know that we will find our balance, we will figure out how to keep the juggle going and still be able to step out of the game for a few moments.

Until then, I really am eagerly awaiting that cup of coffee, that catch up and even maybe that cheeky glass of wine…it will be soon, I promise.


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    1. I seriously need them back…they are the sanity in all the madness!! Thank you for your lovely comments x

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