Running Voices | The Struggle is Real

Some people who run listen to music, some listen to podcasts, mostly I listen to the voices in my head. As crazy as that sounds the things I hear are even crazier, but at least they follow a pattern which is, at least, reassuring. They go something along these lines.

0-0.5 km

Such a lovely evening, I’m delighted I’m getting out for a run, pity I didn’t get out the last few nights but I’ll make up for it tonight.

0.5km onwards

CHRIST I hate this hill, it’s flipping impossible.

Okay hill might be stretching it but this slow incline is a killer.

Maybe I should just walk up it and then run again.

No, keep going for another 3 minutes and sure then see.

Hell on earth, this never gets any easier, maybe I’m not cut out for running, but I hate the gym and walking is so flipping slow…I’ll just keep going until the top and sure I can walk then if I want to

Maybe if I got pregnant I wouldn’t have to run anymore, I’d have an excuse for that extra half stone…okay…stone, and breastfeeding, that worked so well to lose the baby weight on the others, it would be grand. I know I said another baby would most likely drive me to the mental home and there was constant some mention of me being cranky when I was sleep deprived, but it couldn’t be any worse than having to flipping run.

*hears update from Runkeeper*

Woohoo, fantastic…3 1/2 km done…I’m more than half way there.

This is a breeze.

I should really go every evening.

Would you look at that view, can’t believe there are people sitting inside watching tv when they could be out running instead…

What was I thinking, this is the life.

Maybe I should start training for a 10km run, it would be grand, I’m sure I could do it.

I should write a post about the joy of running, encourage more people to get out there.

Oh look, there’s the house, nearly there and I feel brilliant,  I really must remember how good this feels tomorrow and not be so moany about heading out.



CHRIST I hate this flipping hill….


7 thoughts on “Running Voices | The Struggle is Real”

  1. Ha ha! It is years since I did any running but I used to love it. Just short distances (under 5k) but still. Maybe I should take it up again. I always just thought my thoughts and never bothered with music or podcasts.

    1. I do love the headspace of no sound, and having space to think…it’s just the thinking that can be the problem 😂

  2. Love this! I’m attempting a (very) little jog/walking on the days I can’t walk for an hour or two….my thoughts are still very much at the hell on earth and I do walk a lot of little bits! I’m sure I’ll get there …. someday… maybe!

    1. Every time we get out it’s better than the days we don’t and no matter how fast or slow I go, I’ve never come back and regretted going, we’ll get there, I’m sure of it.

      1. That’s true, I’m still at the walking more than running bit, but I still have a little sense of satisfaction when I get back to the house, delighted with myself for going again.

  3. I was just starting to run again when I injured my back (but NOT by running) and now I’m on bed rest more-or-less and so annoyed that I am not out running. I had been going back and forth with listening to music and podcasts while I run and getting updates from Runkeeper barking in my ear but since I have given away my phone for the summer I am actually excited to see what life is like when I am out and don’t have the constant input into my brain. I just hope I can be back out there running before the summer is over. I laughed at this post though because this sounds a lot like my thought process. Except the baby part – not allowed to do that ever again.

    1. Oh no! I hope your back improves quickly. I’m sure you will love being out with no distractions. I find that my brain feels so busy so much of the time with children and life in general that running without a device ( or naked running as it’s often called) is brilliant…except when my brain is trying to get me to stop.
      If my husband read the part about getting pregnant to avoid running I’d never be allowed run again 😂

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