Meal Plan Monday

Well its been a while since I put up a meal plan. The few days  of midterm gave me enough break from the routine to be able to eeek out the time to write this.

We have a birthday in the house this week so there is more effort going into some dinners than others. a special request cake will be made too.

I have my food shop and butcher shop done so there is no excuse for abandoning the plan which has happens far too often!


Birthday dinner:

We are having a version of Domini Kamp’s Beef Rendang. I’m going to try this in the slow cooker so hopefully it will work out. We are havingSaag Aloo  Roasted and Spiced Cauliflour,  Pilaf Rice and Homemade Naan Breads with it.


Lasagna and Garlic bread. I will make a double portion of Ragu and freeze one half of it.


I have been dying to try this recipe out for years so I’m finally getting around to it. It’s Babotie from Darina Allen’s Complete Cookery Course. This is a South African dish that I’ll serve with Rice and Flatbreads. I’m not sure how the little people will react to this but sure time will tell.



Chilli con Carne from the freezer, easy peasy and always a winner here.


Homemade Pizza. I use Jamie Oliver’s basic pizza dough recipe and the kids choose their own  toppings. I use the Muuti Pizza sauce which is really good and the West Cork Mozzerella from Aldi is excellent. My favorite topping are Capers, Artichoke, Pepperoni and Mozzerella…I’m looking forward to this already!


So, that’s the plan. Here’s hoping the the majority of this is eaten.

What’s in your plan this week?

*Just to note, in case anyone gets the impression that this is the norm every week… there are many many weeks when dinner swings from pasta with pesto to spaghetti carbonara and back again. Some weeks I make a big effort, some weeks food is just fuel*


I will be cooking some of these dishes on my Insta Stories during the week if you want to have a look, my instagram  is

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