Quick and Easy Chicken, Chorizo and Pasta Dish

My fabulous brother in law Steve developed this delicious pasta recipe which is a firm favourite in our house. Our kids love chorizo but prefer the milder versions of it so I often use the […]

Alpacas on Tour

Last weekend Paul, the kids and 4 of our friendly Alpacas headed of to Roscommon to the annual Lamb Festival. Paul was delighted to have been invited to bring them along and he takes a […]

An Early Taste of Summer

Pesto Rice Salad & Smoked Trout Pate Its a sure sign that summer isn’t too far away when Pesto Rice salad appears on our table and it remains a staple from spring to Autumn. This […]

Alpaca Update

Things have been quiet on the Alpaca front over the winter, and with the exception of the usual feeding watering and the never ending poo collecting there isn’t a whole lot to do, Now however […]