Love In A Time Of Parenting

Having children is a wonderful privilege, and it is one that I’m eternally grateful for. But it can be an exhausting time in the early years and even as you leave the baby years behind […]

The Nuisance Chip

A few months ago I read a book called The Travelling Hornplayer in which one of the characters refers to his child, for the entirety of the book, as The Nusiance Chip. I remember thinking […]

What We are Reading #1

I am an avid and at times prolific reader, I love the potential of each new book, the adventure waiting within its covers. I love discovering new worlds from the comfort of my arm chair […]

Before I Sleep

Image credit; I creep into your room. I savour the stillness and yet it’s unnerving. There are bed clothes falling off beds. There are cold legs above the covers. There are flushed, sleep drenched faces. […]

Holidaying with Children

If there is one thing that children will teach you, especially younger ones, is that if you change their routine they will make you pay!!! This doesn’t bode well for holidaying with them where it […]

Sharing is……a bloody nightmare!!

Sharing is Caring….we say it often, we believe it, we really want our children to believe it BUT it is a concept that seems far beyond my children! Under certain, very controlled,conditions my children share […]