The Reluctant Farmer | Spa Day on The Farm

Growing up I was a real daddy’s girl, I was also a tomboy…the perfect combination for a farmer’s daughter. It meant that my father had a ever willing assistant. I dreamed of us working together […]

Welcome to Hushabye Farm; Repost

I am taking part in Minis & Mum‘s lovely Linky this week where we are reposting our very first blog post, it’s hard to believe it’s over a year and a half since I began […]

New Life on The Farm

I love this time of year…everything is green and new and the darkness and hibernation of winter is a distant memory. Our beautiful beech trees spring into life   and there are breathtaking colours everywhere […]

Pesto Soda Bread

Bread is fast going out of fashion in this current ‘carb free’ approach to diets, and while I agree that we have, for a long time, been too carb dependant, there is nothing nicer that […]

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

My children love apples…we go through at least 4/5 bags of apples a week, I’m probably the happiest person in the supermarket when the weekly special is bags of apples!! However, in spite of their […]