Our Farm in Words and Pictures: January

Everyday I wake up her I feel so incredibly lucky…I don’t now, and hope never to take this life I have been gifted,  for granted. Our ‘Hushabye Farm’ journey began with a three acre site, […]

Scrummy but Unauthentic Kedgeree

I am convinced that the best way to get children to try something new is not to offer it to them, sounds mad I know but I discovered it by accident and it works every […]

For The Love Of Soup

There is something so nourishing, so wholesome and healing about a bowl of soup. It is one of the simplest, and most inexpensive, things to make yet so many people have never even tried to […]

What's Happening on our Farm

It seems like a long time since I did an update on the farm so there is no time like the present. First off I want to say thank you to everyone who inquired about […]