The Reluctant Farmer | Sunday Shenanigans

Sunday’s are for relaxing…right? Well it would seem the the chief farmer never got that memo!  ‘We need to move the alpacas’ he announced last Sunday, stifling a groan I asked which ones, ‘just the […]

The Reluctant Farmer | The Birds and the Bees

My latest piece for Irish Country Living Here on the farm there are many things we take for granted when it come to our children. For instance, they readily accept that animals pass away, when you […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Special Care Unit

The Reluctant Farmer | Special Care Unit Part of my series for Irish Country Living ‘You’ll have to stay behind’ came the words I had been expecting. A late evening delivery of a very tiny cria […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Short Back and Sides

Part of my series for Irish Country Living Well, the day finally came for our alpacas to be relieved of their much prized, much sought-after fleece. They have been panting in the paddocks, sitting in the […]

The Reluctant Farmer | New Life on The Farm

Part of my series for Irish Country Living So after a long winter and spring of minding, dosing, preening and caring, all our hard work has started to pay off and the maternity ward has officially […]

The Reluctant Farmer| Give Me Five

My latest piece for The Farmers Journal. It is almost a given, a sort of farming version of Murphy’s Law, that as soon as I put something in the oven, the chief farmer will appear at […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Its an Alpaca Life…almost

The next part of my Irish Country Living series. A few weeks back we decided the time had come to wean the crias from their mothers. This is usually done at about 9 months and it […]